3/29Thank you all for 1 YEAR!!! I had so much fun celebrating with you! Here's to more fun together! The shop update and dakimakura release is officially live! Let's keep having fun together this year!


Bonjour! Welcome to my homepage & thank you for supporting!
You should find all you need here.

TAGS: #CelessArt #CelessLewd #CelessClip
FAN NAME: 🐻 #Camembears


showcase video is on twitter!


My channel is an age restricted channel. It is intended for an 18+ audience, and will sometimes include mature themes. Content may include mentions of loli, shota, hentai, bdsm, and other explicit topics. Viewer discretion is advised.

⚠️ [ Chat Rules ] 🐻

・Please be respectful to myself and other viewers. Play nice. Don’t spam or troll.
・If you see spam or trolling, don’t respond. Just block, report, and ignore.
・Topic-wise: No politics or religion. Keep it light and lewd and please try to focus on the stream.
・Please be mindful to not bring up other streamers or streams unless I mention them.
・Similarly, please don't talk about me or my stream in other streamers’ chats unless they have shown they are willing to engage in the topic and be respectful to their own set of chat rules.

⚠️ [ Final Note ] ⚠️

・Please note all my warnings and take them seriously.
・ As a personal choice, I do not wish to engage with any discourse or contentious topics online.
Please respect that and do not bring them into my space.
・On Twitter, I use blockchain liberally, namely on posts that engage in targeted harassment of any sort. If you believe you have been caught in the collateral- please email me or have someone DM me and I can fix your access.
・If you do not like something in my stream, remember that you are under no obligation to continue watching.
・If you know that you should not be watching my stream, please practice self-regulation and be aware that you are in control and responsible of your own choice of content consumption.


answers for frequently asked questions from new viewers!

(I will add to it if any more come up!)

1) Why are we (viewers) called your Bears?
You can watch my Lore video here and my debut here ! I talked about this frequently in the beginning and expanded more on it during a Ernest&Celestine watch-a-long.
TLDR; it's my favourite book series and film, and it's just cute!

2) How tall are you? When is your birthday?
I am 121cm. My birthday is May 9th. I debuted on March 28th (anniversary).

3) Where can we see your art posted?
I have a pixiv, baraag and fanbox!
They are all age-restricted pages! So please use your own discretion!
fanbox supporters get exclusive perks!

4) Do you have a fan community discord server?*
At the moment I unfortunately don't have the time or bandwidth to run a server on top of streaming and my job/life.
I prefer to engage with supporters in real time during chat streams!
However if you want to chat with other regular viewers, there is an unofficial community server run by some lovely bears. You can message Nona#1000 on discord to get an invite link!
If you mention/ask about it in the chat on my Pomf streams, a link is usually provided as well.
If you run one and would like to have it mentioned here, please DM me!
I am not involved with any fan servers at the moment, so please join at your own discretion and play nice.

5) Can we clip, edit or archive your streams?
If I have marked and stated specifically "no recording/screenshotting" (usually for member streams) then please abide that rule! Otherwise for regular streams, it is totally okay for you to download whatever I leave up online on any of my platforms to edit and post any clips! I don't always have time to edit my own so I really appreciate clippers! Please feel free to link to me if you post on your own channel/account!
I have the tendency to clean up and delete older Pomf stream recordings (we have a limit cap of 10 recordings before it starts to overwrite*) so I encourage grabbing copies if you so wish because I may delete to make space sooner or later.

6) Will you ever do H-streams or more explicitly R18/AV type content?
At this moment, I do not have the means or plans to do H-streams or to become an AVtuber.
However, I will continue to do lewd drawing, game streams and to talk openly about adult topics, because at the end of the day I am a H-Artist first and enjoy the content myself. Thanks for understanding!

7) If we want to make fanwork, where can we find a ref sheet of you?
Here you go! Hope this is okay:

showcase video is on twitter!